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Why habitsgrow?

Habits & Growth

Our Philosophy

Growth is the essence of life. We grow, we learn and we develop constantly. The question is, where does it lead to? All thoughts, all experiences and all of our daily actions lead to tiny adjustments of our way of life – of our routines. That’s how we evolve. Therefore habits are so important, because they determin the direction of our growth.

Habits & Systems

focus on the system

Instead of changing single habits, we set the focus on improving the whole habit system. Key factors are gaining awareness of our routines, understanding our environments and making identity transformations.

Habits & Programs

Program Development

Based on the principle of habit systems, knowledge of modern science and experience of life-rockers we develop training programs for unlearning and learning habits. Our programs are built on 3 pillars.

understand your mind

Discover how your brain works, explore the characteristics of your mind and use state-of-the-art knowledge of modern science and technology to lay the foundations for your future habit system.

develop your habits

Focus on developing a system of small habits. You set the frame and with trial and error and consistent work, you establish the ultimate habit system to achieve your goals. Baby-step by baby-step.

kickstart your growth

Instead of focusing on single goals, you focus on improving your habit system 1% at a time. This will lead to awesome transformations in the long run and boost your personal development to a whole new level.

Habits & Dreams

Master your life

We put all our efforts in providing the best services to help you develop habit systems for long-term success. We support you on the journey to your dream life step by step. Master your habits and you will master your life.

Master your

Our Vision

Time is the scarcest resource we have and using our own energy wisely is the most important task of our life. We have made it our mission to serve you in order to help you master your life. We believe that every person and every company has a strong drive to grow to their fullest potential, to fulfill
a purpose and to make a positive difference in our world.

Our job is to support the next generation of changemakers, entrepreneurs, dreamers and superstars. We help you to figure out your passion, pursue your dreams and develop habit systems for long-term success. We want to provide the best service for personal and professional growth worldwide.
Together we let (y)our habits grow!

So you'll be able to grow to the best version of yourself

Our Values

To provide the best service and experience for everybody we elaborated the following value system for all our actions. It forms the basis for our planning and desicion making. We use our value system like a compass.


Everybody is a creator - everybody is an artist. We make sure that everybody has got the freedom, the responsibility and the environment needed, so we can provide the best quality and service for our clients and partners. Together we create the world we dream of.

Lifelong Learning

One of the most important assets we have is the knowledge we acquire and share. We are teachers and students in every situation. We promote lifelong learning and we take ourselves time for our own personal development. We support each other to become great leaders, decision makers, developers, team players, entrepreneurs, creators and to fully develop our potential.

Organic Growth

We set our goals and visions very high, but we focus on the small steps towards them. It's all about the process and the tiny achievements on our way. We want to improve our business and ourselves by 1% every single day. We give our best each day and count on organic growth over time.​


The word has its origin in the Hawaiian language and means goodness and rightness. If something is pono, it feels good and right and therefore we do it. In difficult times, we just focus on the next right thing. We trust our gut feeling and highly value emotional intelligence.


Istina is all that is genuine, authentic and just exactly like it is. It means truth. We are genuine and we communicate honestly. Almost all problems and difficulties originate from communication issues. Therefore we value true and direct communication and an authentic performance. We are true to ourselves, our dreams and values.


We are curious and open to all opinions and ideas. We support each other with contructive criticism. We help each other to figure out the best decisions together. We are positive and cooperative - especially when we receive new suggestions for improvement for internal processes.

Hakuna Matata

The Swahili phrase means no worries. We don't worry, because we trust in ourselves, in our competence and in the fulfillment of our dreams. We trust in our well selected partners and that time is on our side. We see the problems in our world as chances - opportunities to learn and grow.

Celebrating Failure

The most important part of growth is being brave enough to make the first step, although we could fail. We create an environment, where we are allowed to fail. We start, we fail and we get up again. We encourage ourselves and people around us to step out of our comfort zone every day. That's were our best learning potential lies. We help each other to celebrate failure and share thoughts of anxiety.


We are one. I am because we are. No other word describes the virtues of humanity better than ubuntu. We live and work in an environment of compassion and support. We contribute to a connected world of freedom, love and peace. No one is left behind.


The Sanskrit word Seva means selfless service. We want to give without expectations as often as possible and serve the common good. Especially the unrestricted support for young students and less well-off groups is important to us.

Go Green

We pursue knowledge and practices that lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions. We help to protect our earth and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.​


In times of rapid change it's not only a necessity but an important skill for us to be adaptable. We set long-term goals and we focus on making tiny course corrections on a regular basis to maintain future flexibility. We have a dynamic approach for our planning and implementation. This is also true for all internal processes and our value system.

Meet the Habit Trainer

See the problems in our world as chances – possibilities to create change. Work on your values and visions and combine them with your passion. Implement your ideas step by step, starting with small habits. That’s how you become an impactful changemaker.

Alex Spitzer

Habit Trainer

Together we

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To spread the idea of habitsgrow and to be able to implement all projects and services we work together with several creative partners from various industries. Through this co-creation we can provide the best knowledge, expertise and service for you.

Paul Spitzer

Book Your Room

Start-up Entrepreneur
Social Media & Website Consultant

Kathi Hönig

Leb Artgerecht

Yoga & Fitness Trainer | Health Coach
Holistic Health, Lifestyle and Training

Birk Ruhsam


Digital Editor & Media Producer
Spread Seeds in Media.

Harald Katzenschläger

Dream Academia

Dream Developer
Y our Dream Works @Dreamicon Valley

Verena Fürtler

Healthy Cooking

Health Coach | Dog Nutritionist
eat consciously. enjoy life quality.

Hermann Gams

Dream Academia

Dream Developer
Y our Dream Works @Dreamicon Valley

Sophie Manninger

Balance Art

Entrepreneurship Student
World Traveler

Kathi Hönig

Leb Artgerecht

Yoga & Fitness Trainer | Health Coach
Holistic Health, Lifestyle and Training

Birk Ruhsam


Digital Editor & Media Producer
Spread Seeds in Media.

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